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Naxos Hotels

Naxos Greece is the land of diversities, a harmonious blend of magnificent, untouched beaches, some of the loveliest in the Aegean, fertile valleys in the centre of the island, bulky highlands and important attractions and sights, such as Venetian manors and fortified castles, reminiscent of the islands’ long and rather interesting history. If you are into windsurfing you must have heard about those west coast beaches of Naxos where weather conditions are ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing. In these beaches you will discover surfing clubs both for equipment rentals and lessons.

Naxos Greece is the biggest island in the Cyclades and although satisfyingly developed to provide great Naxos hotel accommodation options, you never feel congested in beaches or downtown, even during peak season. There is a wide variety of Naxos Hotels in the Old Town, as well as in coastal resorts depending on your personal requirements and budget.

Whether you decide to stay downtown, in one of the traditional-styled Naxos hotel rooms inside the walls of the Old Town Castle or in one of the marvellous seaside areas of Agia Anna, Agios Georgios or Agios Prokopios you will discover an amazing range of upscale hotels in Naxos and accommodation including studios, rooms, apartments as well as suites that you will instantly adore. Even more you will be provided with excellent facilities and swift service making your stay a real pleasure. And most important, all around the settlements you will find quaint beachfront tavernas, all day cafés and bars where you will spend long hours of relaxing and socializing.

Check out our map of Naxos Greece to spot a good number of beaches as well as the most important settlements, so that you can get a taste of Naxos and start planning your vacation on this wonderful island.

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